Online gambling attracts thousands of players from Singapore and has millions of fans worldwide. Gamblers like it because it’s an entertaining and adrenaline-packed leisure activity. And while you can spend hours playing casino games, it’s important to remember gambling is about having fun. Some players forget that, which is why they might develop a gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction appears when you throw responsible play out of the window. Addicts continue gambling without worrying or noticing how it affects their finances or lives overall. Professional organizations recognize gambling disorder as a serious addiction, just like alcoholism or drug use.

Responsible gambling is a joint name for all rules and initiatives that try to reduce the frequency and severity of addiction among casino players. The idea is to raise awareness on how to prevent a disorder and offer help to those who show addiction signs. Our guide describes everything you should know about responsible gambling in Singapore. Check out its causes and phases, and learn how to prevent or help someone dealing with an addiction!

Causes and Reasons behind a Gambling Addiction

The experts didn’t exactly define why and how gambling addiction happens. However, they know that various reasons can lead to someone becoming a compulsive gambler. It’s often a mixture of two reasons. Here are the common causes why someone might be riskier to gambling problems.

Genetics and Biological Reasons

The genetic factor is often a cause of medical conditions, so why would it be different from compulsive gambling? Some experts argue that those that have “gambling” genes run a higher risk of becoming addicted. If your parents or grandparents loved gambling, the odds are higher that you will like it, too.

Other mental health conditions could increase the risk of compulsive gambling, too. It could be PTSD, ADHD, etc. A huge life change, such as learning about a serious medical condition, could also be a trigger for compulsive gambling.

Another interesting note is that gamblers don’t have control over their addiction. A scientific study proved that gambling could trigger the same brain sections as drugs or alcohol.

Medical Facts about Gambling Addiction

Medical Facts about Gambling Addiction


The statistics show young and middle-aged people are more prone to gambling addiction. Teenagers often see online casinos as a chance to try something new. It can easily become a path to compulsive gambling.

Apart from age, exposure to gambling can be a significant factor. If you see many commercials as a kid, or your friends all gamble, you run a higher risk of becoming addicted. Online casinos often have a demo or free versions of their games and tempting bonuses for new players, which is another risk factor.


Are you restless and quickly lose interest in stuff? If you get bored easily, you need high-paced action to experience fun. That’s where online casinos fit. The experts argue that some personality types run a higher risk of compulsive gambling. Those include:

Signs and Symptoms to Recognize Someone with a Gambling Problem

Understanding symptoms of compulsive gambling can be a way to stop before it gets too late. Additionally, it could assist friends and families to recognize a problem in time. Here are the common symptoms that you might be developing a gambling addiction:

Phases of Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling isn’t something that happens overnight. You develop addiction over time. For some, it’s only a few weeks. Others might play regularly but get addicted after years due to going through a rough patch in their lives. According to experts, gambling addiction has four different phases that include:

Can Excessive Gambling Interest Have Negative Consequences?

Gambling addiction can affect your entire life. It’s not an exaggeration because you feel the consequences of this problem in every area. That includes the following:

How to Gamble Online and Stay Safe

If you want to prevent gambling addiction, it’s best to avoid putting yourself at risk. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit online casinos in Singapore. It implies you should follow certain rules that will keep you from making this activity a problem.

Check out these expert tips to assist in staying safe when gambling online:

How to Prevent Gambling Disorders?

Did you notice you spend too much time in online casinos? If you exhibit signs of going into a gambling addiction, perhaps it’s not too late. These tips can help to ensure you keep playing responsibly:

How Casinos Help to Prevent Problem Gambling

Online casinos in Singapore are trying their best to follow laws and regulations but also follow social responsibility. Unlike popular belief, gambling operators care about reputation. That’s why they join the responsible gambling trends hoping to reduce addiction problems.

Internet gaming platforms often show relevant helplines you can contact if you have a gambling issue in the footer of every page. Most casinos have a page dedicated to responsible gambling.

Players will also find mechanisms that help control how they gamble. You can pick a deposit limit to avoid investing more than you intended. It’s possible to restrict a single bet value but also temporarily exclude yourself from the website. The self-exclusion measure is great if you want to take a break from gambling.

While it’s not a common practice, some online casinos donate a portion of their profits to responsible gambling programs. They also listen to guidelines issued by authorities when it comes to advertising to help keep kids unexposed to those commercials.

Protecting Children from Gambling Addiction

Parents try hard to keep kids out of fights and focus on keeping them far from drugs and alcohol. However, gambling often goes down the radar as a potential problem.

An average teenager might watch a gambling ad on TV or the internet. It inspires them to try online gaming, even if it’s only for fun. But children and young adults are at a huge risk for developing addictions. That’s why they could become addicted to gambling before anyone even notices.

Underage gambling is illegal in Singapore. Most online casinos require an identity verification check. However, there are ways how parents can protect children and keep them away from internet gambling. Check out the following tips to apply:

Where Can I Get Help in Singapore?

Many online gaming sites offer responsible gaming features to their players. However, you might recognize that you need professional help. That’s a huge step if you recognize that you are facing a problem. It’s more common for a family member or friend to recognize an addict.

Whether it’s you or someone else that shows the signs of gambling addictions, there are organizations in Singapore that could help. We conducted extensive research, and here are some facilities you can turn to when you need assistance!

National Council of Problem Gambling Source: National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council gathers 17 specialists in various areas. They form a body that oversees all gambling facilities in Singapore. You can call their helpline, but also use online chat to talk about your or the addiction of someone you know. NCPG also oversees self-exclusion and other measures applicable in land-based casinos in Singapore.


Contact: 1800-6-668-668

National Addictions Management Service


The National Addictions Management Service

The Ministry of Health supports NAMS in its intentions to help people with different addictions. The team gathers professionals in multiple disciplines. It offers group and family therapy, as well as individual counselling. NAMS focuses on providing top-quality and affordable care to problem gamblers.


Contact: 6732 6837

Credit Councelling Singapore


Credit Counselling Services

Credit Counselling Services is a registered charity that helped more than 35,000 people deal with debt. CCS originated in 2004 and has been dedicated to its visitors from day one. You can request financial counselling sessions and visit workshops and seminars to expand your knowledge on getting out of debt.


Contact: 6225 5227

We Care



We Care is a recovery centre focusing on addictions like gambling, shoplifting, and problematic internet use. They work five days a week and offer group therapies and counselling. Family members of problem gamblers can also turn for help on how to manage the issue. The organization is funded by charity.


Contact: 3165 8017




Arise2Care is a hospitable centre offering recovery programs that help problem gamblers deal with their issues. The facility offers a 10-step gambling rehab workshop that involves interactive sessions where you learn how to overcome gambling addiction and problems related to it. One-to-one counselling and house visits are also available.


Contact: 6909 0628

Gamblers Anonymous


Gamblers Anonymous Singapore

Gamblers Anonymous is an international fellowship of problem gamblers. It originated in 1957 as an idea to help addicts by meeting regularly and sharing their experiences. Today, there are GA groups in over 50 countries. Weekly meetings are available in Singapore on Monday, and you can find helpful resources on the GA website.


Contact: (909) 931-9056

The Cabin Singapore


The Cabin Singapore

The Cabin is an all-around addiction centre available in Singapore. It gathers a team of addiction specialists and psychologists to help you deal with problem gambling. The rehab setting is confidential and private, which allows patients to focus on recovery.


Contact: 3158 7621

Organizations That Will Help You with Paying the Debt

Financial debt is a common problem that comes with gambling addiction. If you failed to play responsibly, you might have spent more than what was advisable. The first step is to assess your current debt to the smallest detail. If a loan shark or a moneylender harasses you, don’t hesitate to contact the Neighborhood Police Center. In Singapore, the number for urgent calls is 999.

If you are in debt, here are the steps you can take: