Did you know that roughly 80 million people worldwide play poker online? The game is trendy among players, so the number of users at gambling sites keeps growing. Although you can play for real money, free online poker is also available. It’s the reason why everyone loves this game!

Online poker is a card-based game, usually played with a single deck. You play against the host or other players depending on the chosen online poker casinos. Different game versions exist, but Texas Hold’em online poker is at the peak of its popularity now.

In this guide, we focus on offering a detailed guide to online poker for Singaporeans. Poker isn’t challenging to learn, and our experts offer a simple explanation of the rules. We also singled out the best Singaporean poker sites in 2023 and rounded that up with a guide on how to start playing at these trusted websites. SG beginners will appreciate tips to use at online poker sites. It’s irrelevant if you play online poker for fun or actual cash; it’s entertaining due to the extensive selection of game versions. Here’s everything you should know about online poker Singapore!

Top SG Casinos to Play Poker in 2023

# Casino Bonus Play Review Games Deposit
200 SGD on Sports Betting or $300 for Casino Games Read Review 22Bet 3631+
100% + 100 FS Read Review Vavada 4500++
30% up to 150 SGD Read Review Jack998 4000+
100% up to €120 + 120 FS Read Review 20bet 3500+
100% Up To €400 Read Review Bizzo 1668+
100% up to 277 SGD Read Review 77Bet N/A
100% up to €100 + 100 FS for Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Read Review National 2000+
Red Stag
400% up to 5500 SGD Read Review Red Stag 320+
150% up to SGD1443 Read Review HFive5 N/A
100% Up To 750 SGD + 200 FS Read Review Wazamba 1787+

A Basic Guide to Online Poker Rules

It begins with choosing the real money or free online poker no download platform. Then, once you sign up and join the table, you can play. But how does a poker round unfold? Here is how a typical hand in Texas Hold’em poker looks:

  1. Players place the required ante and blind bets. The dealer deals each participant two cards face down. Check your poker card online set, as this is your initial hand value.
  2. It’s time for the first betting round. Each player can fold, follow (call), or raise the wager. If a participant raises, everyone else must at least follow to stay in the round. It’s essential to track the order of play – you’ll make your move when your turn comes.
  3. You get to see three community cards called the flop. It’s time to combine these with the set in your hands to create the strongest value. Now, you proceed to another betting round.
  4. The dealer reveals the turn, the fourth community card. Then, after another betting round, it’s time for the last community card. It’s called the river, and it’s followed by the last betting round.
  5. Players who remained in the game will now reveal and compare cards. The participant with the strongest hand takes the entire money!

Whether you play at real money or poker game online free tables, the following hand strength ranking applies:

Don’t hesitate to try online poker Singapore since you’ll learn the rules quickly. Feel free to choose the desired platform and give this game a shot!

How to Play Poker Online in Singapore

To play poker online, you should look for a website based abroad. Many internet casinos accept Singaporean players. CasinoHEX made sure to select online poker websites with valid gambling licenses. Our team tested them thoroughly to confirm they offer a premium playing experience to our readers.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to start playing poker games online:

  1. Pick your preferred online casino. We strongly suggest sticking to the online poker sites listed on this page.
  2. Register an account. The process only requires completing a simple form, which won’t take more than two minutes.
  3. Deposit funds. The payment methods depend on the online poker room but often include cards, e-wallets, and crypto coins.
  4. Join a table to play. Most websites offer different variations and minimum stakes. Consider your preferences and start playing!

Main Poker Types

The available versions will depend on the chosen online poker sites. Most providers look to offer at least several variations. The common forms of legal online poker include:

It’s the user’s favourite for real money and free poker online. You get two cards and combine them with up to five community cards to form a strong hand. Five-Card Draw. In this poker online game, you receive five cards immediately. You have one chance to replace cards before the final phase. Video poker software often uses this version.
You receive four hole cards, and up to five community cards might become available during the round. You make high and low hands with two holes and three community cards. Half of the pot goes to the best high-card combination, and the other hand to the best low-card combo.
The dealer gives you two cards initially, and you can keep them face down. In the next part, you get four cards, but you must keep them visible to other players. The final seventh card is also face down. You want to make the best five-card combination.
This poker game online has the same rules as the Seven-Card Stud. The difference is you aim to create the strongest lowest hand.
It’s perfect to feel the thrill of online poker games. You cycle through five different poker versions, so each new round has different rules to keep the fun going.
This version includes a single joker in the standard deck. You must form two hands from the seven cards you receive, making this game complex and exciting.
You play this poker online version against the house, so an ante wager is necessary. Each participant gets five cards, but the dealer has one card face up. It’s possible to play or fold after seeing your cards.

Real Money Poker VS Free Online Poker

As a beginner, you might start by playing poker free online. Once you learn the rules and become comfortable, you could consider moving to real money tables. But is that a wise decision? It ultimately depends on your preference, as each playing style has advantages. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of real money and poker online free tables!

Online Poker Real Money Games Free Online Poker Games
➕ It’s possible to win real money while playing online poker ➕ No risk of losing actual cash
➕ Many providers offer welcome and loyalty bonuses to real money players ➕ Excellent for casual gamers who want to kick back and relax
➕ You feel an adrenaline rush and incredible thrill while playing ➕ A wise choice for beginners and those looking to try new game versions
➕ Pick between tables with different wagering restrictions to suit your needs ➕ Freeroll tournaments could load your cash balance
➖ The danger of getting carried away and losing more than you planned ➖ Fewer online poker free tables and game versions are available
➖ Obscure websites might prolong and avoid paying your winnings ➖ You might feel looser when playing with “pretend money,” making it harder to control yourself once you migrate to cash tables

Tips to Win at Online Poker Tested by CasinoHEX

If you want to play poker in Singapore, that’s 100% legal. You can enjoy it in two licensed land-based casinos that gained approval from the local authorities. Those are the Resorts World Sentosa and the Marina Bay Sands.

However, there’s a local law that considers online gambling illegal. That means you can’t try online poker real money Singapore local sites. The exceptions are two internet platforms catering to local players, including Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools.

Laws and Regulations Regarding Poker in Singapore

The Singaporean Government passed the Casino Control Act in 2006. It regulated the market and allowed two land-based gambling facilities to operate. These platforms opened the doors to foreigners for free, while there was a 100SGD entrance fee for the locals. It’s no wonder people started looking for Singaporean poker sites to play online.

In 2016, the local authorities passed the Remote Gambling Act. It allowed local players to join two local platforms offering poker online real money tables. However, it’s worth noting that domestic providers operating unlicensed poker rooms face severe fines and potential imprisonment.

Popular Poker Tournaments in Singapore

Two basic options for playing real money and free online game poker exist. The first includes competing against the dealer, and the other pits you against other players. The latter is available if you play online poker tournaments. These competitions are available in web-based rooms and vary in buy-in requirements and prizes.

Land-based gambling facilities in Singapore organize prestigious tournaments occasionally. For example, the Singapore Poker Championships took place on a luxury boat. Apart from tournaments, local casinos offer cash games. Texas Hold’em is the popular variant, and the experience isn’t different from playing at poker online Singapore sites.

Singapore Poker Players to Watch Out for

The most famous names moved out of Singapore to keep playing at the best online poker real money platforms and tournaments. Here are some famous local players:

Little Bit About Poker History

According to, poker has an impressive history. Some historians claim its roots go back to Persia and a game called As-Nas, and others believe Chinese emperors played something like poker in the 10th century. But although these served as inspiration, the game that resembles today’s online poker game originates in the 19th century and the United States.

Poker didn’t enjoy the popularity of blackjack until 1970. That’s when the World Series of Poker was launched in Nevada. It only took several years to develop a strong player base. WSOP kept attracting attention, and many poker strategy books hit the shelves throughout the USA.

Internet accessibility made online poker available in 1998. The first web-based room was Planet Poker, which offered Texas Holdem poker online. WSOP expanded to the virtual world, inviting the best players to their main event. Chris Moneymaker was the first to qualify for WSOP Main Event via live poker online qualifiers.

Today, you can find hundreds of internet rooms offering this card game. You can play poker online free on your PCs and laptops, but also on smartphones and other portable devices. Gaming on the go is the latest industry trend, allowing you to use smartphone browsers and apps to access Singapore online poker platforms!

Where to Find the Most Popular Online Poker Games in Singapore?

You are already at the place that gathers the best options to play online poker in Singapore on a single page. We identified the most trusted casinos that offer a wide range of poker variations and a fantastic playing experience. Don’t hesitate to pick your favourite and give this game a shot today!

FAQ about Online Poker

Can you play online poker in Singapore legally?

The local laws consider poker a legal game, but the situation is different with online casinos. You can only play poker at licensed land-based gambling facilities. But if you want to play online, you’ll find a variety of providers based abroad ready to accept Singaporean players.

Is online poker legal to play at foreign websites from Singapore?

You can find poker rooms that are based abroad but accessible from Singapore. But please note the local regulations have recently changed. It could restrict access to some platforms and limit your deposit and withdrawal options. As for free poker, there are no limitations regarding it.

How to play online poker for free?

You’ll find free versions of poker games in selected online casinos. Depending on the provider, you might need to register for an account first. You can pick from different poker variations to see which rules fit you best. Please note you will use “play money,” so any winnings would also be fake.

Is online poker fair or rigged?

Reputable online casinos acquire third-party certificates from independent testing authorities. They confirm the software uses a Random Number Generator (RNG), ensuring equal conditions for all players. If you stick to trustworthy web casinos available in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about a poker game being rigged.

What are poker variations available to play online?

Think of any poker variation, and the odds are you can play it online. A web-based poker is incredibly widespread, but several versions are the most popular. Those include Texas Hold’em poker at the top, followed by Omaha and Caribbean Stud. The version you choose depends on your preference.

Why is online poker so hard for beginners?

It’s actually not because poker is widely regarded as one of the easiest games to learn for beginners. You won’t take more than several rounds to get used to how everything works. This page or any guide on how to start playing online poker can help you begin on the right track.

How to master online poker?

You begin by mastering the game’s rules and hand strength ranking. But there’s no better learning tool than experience. Feel free to experiment with different playing styles, even at free poker tables. The more you play, the better you’ll know the game. It will ensure you feel good at the table, boosting your odds of outsmarting other players.

Are limit and no limit online poker games much different?

The rules of the actual poker game are identical, but the difference lies in how you bet. No-limit poker means there aren’t any restrictions. You can bet the entire stack if you feel like it. But if you play limit poker, the maximum bet must honour the game’s restrictions. That usually makes pot prizes lower than at no-limit tables.

How to win at poker online? Is it possible to earn actual cash?

Yes, it’s possible to earn actual cash while playing poker on the web. As in other casino games, it takes luck and a little bit of skill and experience to win. Is your question, “where can I play online poker for real money?” The answer lies on this page. Check out the links above and find your favourite provider.

How to win online poker every time you play?

No strategy would guarantee a win at online poker. But you can read expert guides and tips to avoid making stupid moves and improve your odds of winning. The more experienced you become, you’ll be more confident in your playing style.

Why play poker online only at reputable websites?

You want a safe and comfortable environment to play online poker. If you win, you should be confident the provider will release your payment. These are all guaranteed at trustworthy online poker sites. Additionally, reputable web casinos provide fair-play conditions to all players, ensuring there aren’t any scams.
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