Did you know that online sic bo is incredibly similar to craps and grand hazard? This dice game originated in Asia but only gained popularity in European and US gambling facilities in the 1980s. Today, sic bo online attracts millions of players worldwide, including many gaming fans from Singapore.

It’s easy to play online sic bo as it only takes minutes to learn the rules. The premise of online sic bo for Singaporeans is simple – three dice decide the game’s outcome. Your task is to predict the result correctly. If you succeed, you win real money or a point boost, depending on whether you play online sic bo for fun or actual cash.

Before you start playing sic bo games, please read our detailed guide for Singaporeans. Our experts singled out the top SG websites offering this game. Beginners will discover the basic rules and bets, as well as platforms where to try free online sic bo. Read our expert tips to be ready to play sic bo for real money. Advanced players will appreciate strategies they could test, but also the selection of trusted sites for playing online sic bo Singapore in 2023!

Recommened Casinos to Play Sic Bo in Singapore

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200 SGD on Sports Betting or $300 for Casino Games Read Review 22Bet 3631+
100% + 100 FS Read Review Vavada 4500++
30% up to 150 SGD Read Review Jack998 4000+
100% up to €120 + 120 FS Read Review 20bet 3500+
100% Up To €400 Read Review Bizzo 1668+
100% up to 277 SGD Read Review 77Bet N/A
100% up to €100 + 100 FS for Avalon: The Lost Kingdom Read Review National 2000+
Red Stag
400% up to 5500 SGD Read Review Red Stag 320+
150% up to SGD1443 Read Review HFive5 N/A
100% Up To 750 SGD + 200 FS Read Review Wazamba 1787+

Basic Online Sic Bo Rules Guide

  1. Use chips from your balance to place wagers.
  2. The dealer or the machine rolls three dice.
  3. If you guessed the result correctly, you win, and the next round starts!

The Guide on How to Play Sic Bo Online in Singapore

Sic bo dice game is the top favourite of Singaporean and Asian players. It couldn’t be simpler – you win by predicting the result from the three-dice roll correctly. Here’s a quick explanation of how to start playing sic bo:

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts Explained

The beauty of sic bo play online is the variety of bets available. The game has an incredible replay value. It’s fast-paced and simple, and you can never get bored. Mastering sic bo involves understanding all wagering options.

If you play in a sic bo Singapore casino, you can place the following wagers before the three dice roll:

Totals. It’s the basic wager that predicts the sum on all three dice combined. It could be from 4 to 17. The payout is biggest for the lowest and highest value, so you can bet the outcome would be 4 or 17 and win 60:1. The lowest total combo is 9, 10, 11, and 12, as the payout is 6:1.

Big and small wagers. A big bet means you predict the three dice sum would be from 11 to 17. Wagering on Small covers numbers from four to ten. Three and 18 don’t count to secure a 2.78% house edge. The payment is 1:1.

Even and odd wagers. As the words indicate, you wager on an odd or even outcome. Only the best live sic bo and software-powered tables have this wager available. The payout is 1:1.

Single dice bet. The options are from one to six, and at least one dice should have that number. The payout is 1:1, but it’s bigger if the same number is on two dice (15:1) or three dice (75:1).

Two dice combo. Bet on a specific two-dice sum, and the payout is 5:1.

Triple bets. You get a 24:1 payment if any triple bet occurs. But if you wager on a specific triple wager (for example, three 6s), the payout is 150:1. It’s the most generous prize in any online sic bo casino.

Free vs Real Money Sic Bo

The best sic bo online casinos offer two choices. You can invest real cash, but if you don’t feel like it yet, free tables are also available. But what’s a better way to enjoy sic bo? Check the detailed comparison to figure out which style suits you!

Online Poker Real Money Games Free Online Poker Games
No stress. You can’t lose real money, so you can relax while you play. Maximum thrill. The adrenaline rush you feel when winning a bet is incomparable to free play.
Learn the rules. Newbies should start with free sic bo to figure out the game. Access to tables with human dealers. Live dealer sic bo tables usually require actual cash wagers.
Test strategies. Free tables are great for trying different strategies. Incentives for new and loyal visitors. Online casinos offer welcome bonuses and other boosts to regular cash players.
No registration is required. Some platforms don’t require having an account to play. Decide on the desired stake. The selection varies from high roller to minimum bet tables.
Limited table selection. Not all casinos offer to play sic bo online free tables. The risk of losing money. Always set aside how much you can lose and only play with that sum.

How We Find and Test the Best Sic Bo Casinos

At CasinoHEX, we use the vast experience to ding the best sic bo online free and real money gambling platforms. Our team is dedicated and considers all these areas:

Win at Sic Bo Using Our Top Tips and Strategies

We already explained rules and wagers, but online sic bo newbies might appreciate more pointers for visiting internet casinos. If you are up for this dice game, note the tips and strategies below to improve your playing experience from the start!

Tips to Win at Online Sic Bo

Top Sic Bo Strategies Recommended by CasinoHEX Team

You can test your luck and play only a round or two in a sic bo casino. But strategizing requires spending more time at the table. If you plan to be around, pick even/odd and small/big bets. They have the lowest house edge, indicating you have the best odds to succeed in the long run.
Let’s say the minimum chip investment when you play in a sic bo casino online is “1.” Your wager per round should be “15.” Aim to cover multiple combinations with this money. The goal is to win two or three times in a row. If you do, it’s time to leave that casino sic bo online table or change the strategy.
This approach brings an average risk when playing sic bo online for real money. Experts suggest covering four winning options. You might lose several consecutive hands, but winning should secure profit once you guess correctly. Once you win, you can stick to the same four options for one more round. After that, adjust the combinations.
It’s simple – pick only wagers that offer the best payouts. That’s true sic bo gambling, especially since the house edge could be 30%. But if you win in the first few rounds, it delivers a huge profit.

History of Sic Bo

Even the most reputable encyclopedias like Britannica confirm that this game originated in Asia. The sic bo meaning is a “pair of dice” when translated from Chinese. But in ancient China, they played with it with wooden blocks marked with numbers.

Historians believe that sic bo first migrated to Europe in the United States around the 19th century. As Chinese labourers travelled, they introduced their games to new countries. It took a while for sic bo games to gain popularity in Europe and the US. Portuguese brought the game to Europe from their Asian colonies. American settlers introduced the game to carnivals in the 1920s.

Macau was the first to present the sic bo casino game in gambling facilities in the 1970s. The popularity expanded to the US. Thanks to the internet, sic bo online is now available worldwide.

Where to Find Top Online Sic Bo Games in Singapore

Our CasinoHEX experts focused on singling out the best sic bo sites for Singaporean players. We verify each casino in our list to ensure it offers a premium experience when playing the sic bo game online. Check out the suggestions and start playing today!

How to play sic bo online?

It’s critical to stick to trustworthy internet casinos. You can pick any website listed on this page since our experts selected only licensed and reputable operators. Once you pick the site, register and pick a sic bo table. The rules involve trying to predict the outcome of the three-dice throw and winning if you were correct.

Is sic bo rigged?

You need to answer the “what is sic bo game” question first. It’s a dice game purely based on luck. If you stick to reputable platforms, there’s no risk of rigging. Premium software uses RNG software to ensure fair-play conditions and random number generation. Top-rated casinos have a reputation to protect, guaranteeing there won’t be rigging.

Is there a sic bo strategy I can use to win more?

The strategic approach to how to play sic bo and win depends on the playing style. Beginners might appreciate playing small or big bets for a 1:1 payout and decent winning probability. Advanced players prefer not winning frequently but grabbing higher prizes when they do. There’s no guarantee you’ll win, so find a strategy you like and have fun!

How to win at sic bo when playing online?

You can use the same strategies advised for how to win sic bo in casino facilities. The experts suggest being patient and sticking to your game plan. Your style might be to wait for a big win or settle for winning smaller sums more frequently. While there’s no fireproof strategy to win, you can land high prizes if you are lucky enough.

What are the top online sic bo casinos?

Our sic bo guide for Singaporeans lists the top online casinos for this country. SG players can pick their favourite based on available bonuses, sic bo tables, etc. All casinos have fair-play certificates and apply encryption to maximize security. Most platforms support playing on multiple devices – computers, phones, etc.
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