Like with most things in life, luck comes into play once in a while. Even experienced gamblers in Singapore know that winning is not limited to skills, but luck comes into play sometimes. Although so many gamblers in Asia prefer to take things as they come, others want to ask questions and know their fortune.

A gambling horoscope is like a mirror through which you can predict what you are betting luck on. The gambling horoscope, among other things, helps you reveal your inner strength and weakness.

But even the most experienced gamblers will advise you to look critically before you play at the best real money online casinos in Singapore, notwithstanding the gambling horoscope predictions. Now is time to find out, navigate your zodiac sign, and derive the right conclusions from keeping winning.

The luckiest zodiac signs in 2023, according to our gambling horoscope, will be:

Why Do Some Gamblers Prefer to Rely on Gambling Horoscope Predictions?

Gamblers opt to rely on gambling horoscopes because the belief is that they have been carefully put together to ease their gambling woes. No doubt, this is true, but their correctness is often in doubt because they are based on various zodiac signs. But expecting to win according to the predictions of a gambling horoscope is quite far-reaching.

Somehow, a lot of players have relied on gambling horoscopes to win massively. However, playing at the right gaming site will also improve your winning chances. The influx of scammers into the online gambling industry has made it hard to know the best online slots for Singaporeans.

Aries – March 21 to April 19

Ordinarily, Aries is courageous and always eager to win, but that may not be enough to hit the jackpot this year. But these features will be useful if you engage in games that require skills. Also, this year is a good year for Aries.

Will Aries Be Lucky This Year?

Although Aries is not one of the luckiest zodiac signs, Singaporeans with this zodiac sign should expect to have all the luck this year. They don’t need to pave the way to win games, but the luck to win will come freely. But to maintain their winning streak this year, they need to stake responsibility.

Aries Lucky Days

Despite the possibility of enjoying a lot of luck this year, Aries’s lucky days will start from April 1 to 19. Test your luck with a demo version on April 1 before proceeding with real money.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Aries

The luck experienced by Aries players will be enjoyed more if they play roulette, baccarat, mahjong, sic bo, bingo, pachinko, pai gow, and blackjack. Leave to play slots for now and enjoy your winning streak on the games mentioned above. Go for odd numbers.

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Taurus exhibit a lot of stammer in card games like poker, blackjack, etc., but whether their luck lies there remains the big question. Taurus is not rigid and often wants to learn new things. Switching from their comfort zone will provide the chances Taurus needs to win.

Will Taurus Be Lucky This Year?

Yes, but if Taurus gamblers will conquer their fears of playing a game of chance. Many Taurus gamblers prefer games of skill and ultimately stay away from slots and other games of chance. But there lies the luck of Taurus this year.

Taurus Lucky Days

The best days for Taurus to cash out impressive winnings are from April 28 to May 15. These dates are a combination of even and odd numbers.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Taurus

Taurus doesn’t just need to give slot games a try this year, but their luck of winning jackpots this year depends on their ability to play a game of chance like bingo, slot, roulette, etc. Games that require too much thinking and analytical reasoning, like poker, will not be favorable to Taurus gamblers. Taurus’s lucky numbers are double-digit even and odd numbers.

Gemini – May 12 to June 20

Fast learners like Geminis can switch sides at any time. Experienced gamblers understand the need to be versatile and not rigid. This feature will help Geminis gamblers excel in their gambling adventure this year.

Will Gemini Be Lucky This Year?

Yes, but it will depend on their ability to switch sides when it is required. Blackjack is a more suitable game to win for Gemini gamblers in Singapore and Asia than slots.

Gemini Lucky Days

The lucky days for Gemini may seem difficult to pinpoint because their ability to switch games is key to their winnings. However, Gemini gamblers will enjoy more success between May 29 and June 20.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Gemini

Any game including mahjong, sic bo, bingo, pachinko, and pai gow will be suitable for Geminis to win this year, but they need to know when to stop playing. Nevertheless, the games that suit Gemini gamblers are poker and slots, while the best number is 4 to 5.

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

Cancer gamblers love games that require skills and then slot games. Also, Cancer players are good at manipulating situations to suit themselves.

Will Cancer Be Lucky This Year?

Not so much, like other zodiac signs previously mentioned here. To avoid losing so much play for fun or demo versions before you engage in real money gambling.

Cancer Lucky Days

The lucky days for Cancer players are short compared to previously mentioned zodiac signs. The lucky days for Cancer players are June 22 and July 1.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Cancer

Cancer will enjoy small wins with games of chance like slots and bingo. Playing any other type of game will not bring the desired result.

Leo – July 23 to August 22

Leos are naturally passionate and creative. They find a way to get out of dicey situations and often show some level of stubbornness. Usually, Leos prefer poker, blackjack, and other card games.

Will Leo Be Lucky This Year?

Leos will be lucky this year, and lady luck will smile on them if they use reasonable betting strategies. The goal is to get all the winnings, so use strategies that do not encourage chasing losses.

Leo Lucky Days

The lucky day for Leos is from August 1 to 22. These days promise a lot of success, and you are likely to win lots of cash.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Leo

Leos will enjoy winning via so many numbers this year. The best numbers for Leo are one-digit even and odd numbers. Then the games suitable for Leos are poker, blackjack, mahjong, sic bo, and other card games.

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

Virgos are natural investors who want to make earnings from every dime. They still have the same perception of gambling. In other words, they invest in betting to earn some passive income.

Will Virgo Be Lucky This Year?

Virgos will enjoy extraordinary luck this year. Their drive to keep pushing even when it is not feasible will provide the winnings they need.

Virgo Lucky Days

Virgos may not get so many lucky days. But the days that will provide luck may even offer a jackpot if Virgos use their chances well. The lucky days for Virgos are from September 1 to 22.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Virgo

Look out for slot games with RTP of at least 95 and above to enjoy more looks. Virgos are likely to win more if they focus on playing slot, pai gow, and bingo games. Virgo’s lucky numbers are 3, 8, and 10.

Libra – September 23 to October 22

Libras are highly intelligent and have fair reasoning. Unfortunately, Libras are not good at playing games of skill like poker, blackjack, etc. They prefer easy-going games that require less analytical thinking.

Will Libra Be Lucky This Year?

Compared to 2021, Libras will enjoy fairly better luck than average. Also, Libras losses will be minimal compared to 2021.

Libra Lucky Days

The best days to play and win for Libras are from September 23 to October 10. Aside from these days, Libras may incur more losses, especially in games of skill like poker, blackjack, etc.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Libra

Slots, bingo, sic bo, and crap games will be more profitable for Libras. Besides, these games don’t require skills of any form to win. Meanwhile, Libras can win a jackpot if they stick to single and double-digit odd numbers.

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

Scorpio gamblers thrive in an atmosphere of competition. More so, Scorpios are not afraid to face challenges head-on. The amazing qualities of Scorpio players don’t guarantee successful gambling this year.

Will Scorpio Be Lucky This Year?

Scorpios will enjoy limited winnings if they opt for games that don’t require skills. Scorpios need to plunge games of chance to win more. The last quarter of the year will bring more amazing results for Scorpio’s efforts.

Scorpio Lucky Days

The best days for Scorpios to try their luck are from November 1 to 30. These days will bring the positive change that Scorpios have been waiting for.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Scorpio

Scorpio will be better off playing more pachinko, slots, bingo, and other games of chance. More so, Scorpios should stick to even numbers.

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 21

With a great lifestyle and an amazing sense of humor, Sagittariuses will enjoy bliss. The stars will smile on Sagittarius truly this year.

Will Sagittarius Be Lucky This Year?

Yes, their years of generosity will pay off this year. The stars will reward them this year for taking care of others all these years. But Sagittarius needs to overcome overconfidence and impatience to win handsomely this year.

Sagittarius Lucky Days

Try from December 1 to 31 and experience amazing luck. Waiting till this moment will be worth it after the enormous winnings that Sagittarius will get.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Sagittarius

Lotteries, slots, bingo, sic bo, and other games of chance will offer Sagittarius more winnings. Odd numbers with single digits present more opportunities.

Capricorn – December 22 to January 19

Capricorns are disciplined and meticulous. No wonder Capricorns prefer skill games more. Capricorns prefer games like poker, blackjack, and other card games. Considering all that is happening, Capricorn may need some of their virtues to survive.

Will Capricorn Be Lucky This Year?

Capricorns hold their destiny in their hands because this year will be awesome for them if they remain disciplined. Overthinking may not be too good, but it will be helpful at some point since they would prefer playing games that require skills.

Capricorn Lucky Days

From December 26 to January 10 will bring blissful winnings if Capricorns gamble responsibly. The best day for Capricorns to gamble is January 4. The stars and other planets will send drive and wisdom to Capricorns to get more winnings.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Capricorn

Capricorns will get the best of luck with games like poker, blackjack, mahjong, and other card games. Capricorns will win many jackpots, but discipline will guarantee that they won’t lose all the money. The Lucky number for Capricorns is odd and double-digit even numbers.

Aquarius – January 20 to February 18

Aquarius are shy and reserved people, but not when it comes to gambling. Although Aquarius has a good knowledge of gambling, they are better off when they predict what they are dealing with. Even if 2023 is the year of Aquarius, gambling decisions should be made with careful reasoning.

Will Aquarius Be Lucky This Year?

Yes, Aquarius will be lucky this year, but they may not hit the jackpot. With the right skills, Aquarius will enjoy medium and small wins. However, self-discipline and self-control are needed for Aquarius to win.

Aquarius Lucky Days

The luckiest for Aquarius this year is February 1. The number one here represents clearness of mind and inner power. This will boost Aquarius’s odds in the game.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Aquarius

Stick to card games like poker, blackjack, mahjong, etc., and avoid games of chance. Aquarius will enjoy more luck with card games than playing slots this year. Aquarius lucky numbers are even numbers.

Pisces – February 19 to March 20

With their gentle heart and wise reasoning, you would expect that Pisces will be so lucky with gambling. But beautifully incorporating these endowments into their gambling skills will improve their winning chances.

Will Pisces Be Lucky This Year?

The first two weeks of February will be hellish for Pisces gamblers this year. However, a more promising time for Pisces bettors is from mid-February to March 2020.

Pisces Lucky Days

Pisces will enjoy more winnings from lady luck on March 19. The desire and innovative solution to win games will pour out on Pisces players like an overflowing river.

The Best Games and Numbers Suitable For Pisces

Pisces must stick to pachinko, slots, and roulette games to win. Although the best numbers for Pisces seem like odd numbers, double-digit even numbers will offer more luck. However, numbers 22, 24, and 26 offer Pisces more winning chances.

Should Gamblers Solely Rely on Gambling Horoscope Predictions

Relying solely on what the gambling horoscope says is not ideal in any way, and it is far overreaching. Meanwhile, it would be fair to note that gambling horoscopes have made some players millions but not every gambler enjoys the same luck. A few other factors may determine your winning capability and luck. Playing at an unlicensed online gambling platform will bring you more betting woes than relying on gambling horoscopes. Do a critical review of the online casino website that suits your fancy.

The Bottom Line: Bet with an Open Mind

As soon as you make gambling your occupation, then you have made the first mistake. Bet with an open mind and hope that you will win huge someday. Pressuring yourself to win every stake will damage your finances. See betting as a fun activity you do to relieve stress.

Gamblers who have adopted this approach have gone on to win huge prizes. Gambling horoscopes are mere predictions that have not been proven to work every time or work at all. Since gambling itself is based on luck, you can take your chances. Finally, responsible gambling is key whether you choose to rely on gambling horoscopes or not.