Online Mahjong is a 19th Century Chinese game that has gained traction over the years among online gamblers. For starters, the game features 136 tiles and involves four players. The 136 tiles in Mahjong games feature four suits hence the need for four players at a time. When playing Mahjong online, the ultimate aim of every player is a pair of identical tiles and four suits. As a rule of the thumb, the best Mahjong player is the first to achieve the above combination of tiles. However, the end of a Mahjong game is often premised on predetermined rounds. So, before you play online Mahjong, your first assignment should be to understand how the game works, especially if you are a novice.

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Moreover, when you play online Mahjong for fun, the rules could vary slightly across different casino websites. This post delves deeper into exploring online Mahjong for Singaporeans. After reading this review, you can play online Mahjong for real money in SG with ease and on trusted gambling sites. You will also learn how to play free online Mahjong in 2023, the history of the game, and the basic rules of online Mahjong Singapore.

What Is Mahjong and Its History

While Mahjong online is the most popular version today, you should trace the origin of the game to the real version. Some believe the game can be traced back to a Chinese game, Ya Pei, hundreds of years ago during the Sung dynasty. Ya Pei is almost a replica of online Mahjong today. Ya Pei was a wood-based tile game with rules similar to today’s Mahjong online game. However, the inventor of the game remains anonymous.

Mahjong started spreading far and wide in the 20th century to become the highly sought-after game it is today. All you need to play Mahjong online today is an active casino account in Singapore. Note that several casino websites now feature real money Mahjong.

How to Play Mahjong Game

Unlike Blackjack or Baccarat games that have 52 cards, Mahjong has a whooping 136 tiles. That makes things a little complicated for players, especially when it comes to learning the rules of Mahjong online. So, apart from finding like-minded Mahjong Singapore online players on a casino website, understanding the basics of the game is also pivotal. A Mahjong tutorial online should help you learn the game real quick.

A player in this game aims to make four sets out of 14 tiles and a pair. A pair in a Mahjong game online is referred to as ‘Pung’ and usually constitutes two identical tiles. Three sets of tiles in the game are known as ‘Chow’. Four players are needed to play Mahjong online Singapore. However, there are exceptions where only three players take part in the game.

Our focus in this online Mahjong Singapore review is the variant that requires four players. There are 136 titles with 36 characters, 36 circles, and 36 bamboos, making up all the suits. Every suit in SG Mahjong online is divided into numbers ranging between 1 and 9. Moreover, the game features 12 dragon tiles and 16 wind tiles. Some sets in Singapore Mahjong online have bonus titles such as 4 season titles and 4 flower tiles. However, the bonus tiles are only for free online Mahjong games.

Now, with a good grasp of tiles that make up the best online Mahjong game, your next step is to understand your goal in the game. When you play Singapore Mahjong online, the goal is to arrange the tiles in 2 rows upwards and 17 tiles across. In the end, you should have a square pattern to be the best online Mahjong player. One of the four players becomes the dealer and is assigned the tiles with the highest value. The dealer rolls the dice to start the game, during which every player is given 13 tiles.

Next, players must arrange tiles in a row to complete a Mahjong hand. The next task is to complete a par followed by making a set.

Basic Mahjong Rules Guide

The Mahjong rule dictates that only four players take part in the game. There are 136 tiles and 4 suits in online Singapore Mahjong. The game is played from the East wind in an anti-clockwise direction whereby each player picks 13 tiles. Note that there are many variations of Mahjong, so the rules may vary slightly. The online Singapore Mahjong with 136 tiles is also known as Mahjong solitaire. Most importantly, tiles should be arranged on the board to form a four-layer pattern. Moreover, paring identical tiles until none remains on the board is the ultimate goal.

Types and Variations of Mahjong

There are different variations of Mahjong. So, before you sign up with a gaming site to play Mahjong online Singapore, note the following:

Classic Mahjong

Classic Mahjong is based on 144 tiles and traditional rules. In this game, season tiles and flowers are assigned bonus points. Moreover, the winds can be rotated at any time except a draw and east wind. All hands of all prayers are declared as a Mahjong because a pair or four sets are not enough.

Japanese Mahjong

Japanese or Riichi Mahjong is a 136-tile game but with the same basic rules as the classic variant. However, discarded tiles in this game can be ordered due to a rule known as Fruiten. Player discards are thus, accounted for in Japanese Mahjong. Here is more information about Japanese Mahjong.

Hong Kong Mahjong

In Hong Kong, Mahjong is a variant of the Chinese Mahjong but with a different scoring system. There are 144 tiles in this game. Four players participate in the Hong Kong variant, and only 2 dice and a Mahjong set are required to play.

Play Real Money Mahjong vs Free Mahjong

The table below summarizes the difference between Real Money and free Mahjong online.

Free Mahjong Real Money Mahjong
Players can play Mahjong free online in demo mode You must fund your account to play Mahjong online Singapore
There are no monetary rewards Winners are rewarded in money terms
Ideal for beginner Mahjong online gambler Suitable for experienced Mahjong players

Win at Mahjong Using Our Top Tips and Strategies

To win a game of Mahjong, one should understand both the simple and complex aspects of the setup. It is fundamentally a game of cards but with unique rules. Also, noting that online Mahjong gambling varies, punters should understand every variant of the game to avoid making mistakes. See below for tips to win online gambling Mahjong and our recommended strategies that work.

4 Tips to Win at Online Mahjong

Top 3 Mahjong Strategies Recommended by CasinoHEX

At CasinoHEX, we recommend the following strategies to sharpen your Mahjong gambling online skills:

Where to Find Top Online Mahjong Games in Singapore?

Today, punters can play online Singapore Mahjong anywhere and at any time. All you need is to find a website that allows Mahjong online gambling and sign up. Our team at CasinoHEX has gathered the vital information to help you find an ideal online Mahjong real money website as follows:

FAQs about Online Mahjong Game for SG Players

How does online Mahjong work?

Online Mahjong game is a game of matching a set of tiles and suits. But first, learn how to play online Mahjong by first mastering the number of tiles and how to play for a win.

Is online Mahjong legal in Singapore?

Yes, Mahjong is a legal online game in Singapore. You can play it on licensed online Singaporean casinos just like you would other games. With the right guide, you can learn how to play Mahjong online alone in quick steps. So, in answering the question, is Mahjong online banned in Singapore, our response is a resounding ‘No’.

Is Mahjong a game of luck?

Mahjong is partly a game of luck and partly requires skills. The more you play, the more skilled you become. Learn how to play Mahjong online beforehand to avoid running into difficult situations during game time.

Are online Mahjong games rigged?

Mahjong systems are not rigged. Most importantly, where to play Mahjong online should be a top priority. You should always ensure to play the game on trustworthy and licensed online casinos to be sure of fairness.

How to play online Mahjong?

To get to know how to play online Mahjong, you need to ask how to learn Mahjong online rules. Overall before playing Mahjong online, a player must master the basic rules, symbols, and characters of the game to become a pro. And once you have your tiles, play with a goal in mind. The setup also matters because it could vary from Chinese to Japanese or Hong Kong Mahjong.

How to win Mahjong online?

Anyone can play Mahjong free online or for real money and win. However, winning boils down to being flexible, patient, and going for the high combo cards.

Which is the most popular Mahjong online?

Hong Kong Mahjong is regarded as the most popular variant of the game. The game is sometimes referred to as Cantonese.
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