Fun Fact: The name baccarat means the ‘worst possible’.

Statistics show that the game is the second-most favourite for most casino houses after slots. However, that is only the case if you haven’t mastered your way around the possible ways to win baccarat online with a few simple strategies. So, before you venture into professional online baccarat gaming, honing your skills with free online baccarat is a great starting point.

Note that online baccarat for Singaporeans is like any other casino game you have played on gambling websites. Online baccarat Singapore is a card game where a player draws two or three cards. A card with the highest score in baccarat games is the winning hand.

So, if you want to play online baccarat for fun at trusted online baccarat casinos or gambling sites in 2023, this post is for you. But before you jump straight into gaming, note that the banker, player and tie bets have varying house edges when you play online baccarat for real money in SG. Read this online baccarat for Singapore players review to understand the game better.

Top Online Baccarat Casino Sites of 2023

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Little Bit about History of Baccarat

The origin of baccarat can be traced to as early as the 1400s. And while the term baccarat means zero in both French and Italian languages, there is little proof it might have originated from the two countries. Interestingly, France and Italy have been competing vehemently to earn a reputation of being the homeland of online baccarat.

The game would later appear in the US in the 1950s after French King Louis XIV banned it. At the time, most land-based casinos in the US had baccarat in their portfolio as one of the most popular games. Most importantly, the advent of baccarat online took place in the 1990s, consequently finding its ways to top online baccarat casinos in Singapore and globally. Today, punters can play free baccarat online no download or by downloading various versions of the game on their smartphones and playing on the go. In the next section, we walk you through the basic rules of online baccarat Singapore.

Basic Baccarat Rules Guide

Before we explore the rules of the game, note that there are three main bets in a baccarat online game. So, when you register with a baccarat online casino to play for real money, you can bet on a player’s hand, a banker’s hand or a tie. The hands of parties involved in playing baccarat casino online are usually marked in circles.

Nevertheless, the rules of drawing baccarat Singapore online are pretty simple. First off, the dealer acts first. Secondly, the highest live baccarat online hand is 9. That means you cannot lose if the total of two cards is 9, otherwise known as a ‘natural’ outcome. The second-highest hand in baccarat online real money is 8, also termed as ‘natural’. However, there is no winner when two cards have identical numbers, otherwise known as a standoff.

At the start of the game, both the player and banker receive two cards. After dealing with the final cards, the scores are compared to determine the winning hand. Remember that greater totals amount to the winning hand in online baccarat for real money.

How to Play Baccarat Online

To play baccarat online, you must first understand the game rules above. Most importantly, learning how to play the game is best realized through free baccarat online game. Note that there are only three outcomes in baccarat online casinos: tie, player win, and bankers win. However, you can online wager on either the banker’s or the player’s hand. Once that is done, the cards are dealt to both parties. The first round often constitutes two cards for both player and the banker.

Moreover, apart from face and tens, which are worth zero points, all other cards in baccarat online Asia are worth their face value. For example, the ace card equals 1 point, and if the outcome is a combination of cards labelled 9 and 6, the second digit in the totals (15), in this case, is a 5-point hand. However, you only win if the hand totals are closer to 9, such as a case where the combo is cards with four and five face values.

A natural win is where the dealt cards amount to a total of 8 or 9 for either the banker or the player. If that happens, it is a natural win; hence the game is over and bets cashed out. Usually, the player’s hand goes first in baccarat online casinos. And if the totals of the two cards are either 8 or 9, there is no additional round or cards. Totals of 0-6 or 7 give you a chance to draw another card, but only if the bank doesn’t have 8 or 9.

Betting Options for Online Baccarat

Before trying your luck on baccarat online in Singapore, you should first understand the types of bets you can place at real money baccarat online casino. After all, every player aims to win some money. So, straightaway, note the common bets: a player, a tie and a banker bets. We have previously mentioned these, so let’s deep deeper as follows:

Moreover, a comprehensive online baccarat guide should mention other betting options such as:

Try the Best Online Baccarat in Singapore

Types and Variations of Baccarat

With the type of real money baccarat online settled, let’s now explore the variations of the game. As a beginner, you can try out different types of baccarat at the best online baccarat casino in Singapore and win. Notable variants of the game include:

The player in this variant of real money baccarat online can take another or more cards if the outcome is 5. It is popular in France and usually lets the player act as the bank, but you still wager against other punters. A Chemin de Fer table can have up to 14 players.
In this variant of Singapore online baccarat, everything is handled by the dealer while players make bets. Punto Banco Baccarat has three dealers. However, that is only the case with online traditional baccarat. In modern variants of Punto Banco, everything is taken care of by the casino gaming software.
3-card baccarat is popular in Asia and has one 1-deck. Three cards get dealt to both the player and the banker. Most importantly, 3-face cards have the highest value.
EZ is similar to Punto Banco, except for how winnings due to the banker are paid.
Super Fan 9 baccarat has 36 cards labelled and is very popular in the USA. Three cards are dealt to players in this variant, and there is an option of getting an extra one.
In-depth online gambling baccarat reviews should also mention baccarat en Banque, a variant of the game that is widely popular in Europe. The game features three hands, and the rules are similar to those of Chemin de Fer.

Real Money Baccarat vs Free Online Baccarat

Now, with a deeper understanding of casino online baccarat, let’s now compare real money and free online baccarat in the table below:

Real Money Baccarat Free Online Baccarat
Players can get an online baccarat bonus when they play the real money version There are no rewards or winnings in the free version of the baccarat game
You can incur losses if you play without a winning online baccarat strategy A free version of the game is only for learning, hence no monetary losses regardless of how the game ends
Real money baccarat online is ideal for experienced players ready to take risks The free version is recommended to players who want to play baccarat online for fun and learn while at it
The random number generators in baccarat online real money games are audited, hence no room for errors In free online baccarat games, everything is for learning purposes
Play baccarat online real money if you aim to win Play baccarat online for free if you don’t intend to take risks but to learn

Win at Baccarat Using Tips and Strategies Tested by CasinoHEX

Having differentiated the difference between those who play baccarat for fun online and the pro gambler who gets into it to win real money, the next question is about winning strategy and how to be a better player of baccarat casino online game. We have simplified this into tips and strategies in the following sections.

Tips for Online Baccarat Gambling

The tips for winning at any online baccarat casino could vary slightly depending on the game’s variants we looked at earlier. We recommend applying the following tips to your next game:

Top Baccarat Strategies Recommended by CasinoHEX Team

Winning strategies is another area to note, especially if you haven’t been lucky enough to bag a huge payout. Here are the baccarat strategies recommended by the CasinoHEX team:

Where to Find the Most Popular Online Baccarat Games in Singapore

The next step is finding the ideal baccarat casinos online. So, the question is, where can you find the best online baccarat casino in Singapore? Our team did the homework for you and discovered that Singapore has several licensed online casinos to quench your thirst for baccarat games. You should also check trusted online casinos in Singapore when looking for an online baccarat bonus or to play baccarat online in Singapore for free.

FAQ about Online Baccarat Game

What is baccarat?

Baccarat is technically a game of cards where depending on the variant, a player can play with two or more cards at a go. Most importantly, there are three main bets in baccarat online gambling: a player’s bet, a tie and a banker’s bet. Thus, how to play baccarat online starts with understanding the basics.

Is online baccarat rigged?

No, baccarat online casinos are not rigged. Unlike the traditional variants where dealers are involved, online variants of baccarat are premised on random number generators that ensure fairness. Moreover, the systems are closely monitored by gambling regulators to ensure players are not cheated out of their winnings. With the right strategy and guide, you will have learnt how to win in baccarat online. You can also check tips on how to hack baccarat online from authentic gaming sources.

Is baccarat a good casino game for beginners?

Yes, baccarat is recommended for beginner gamblers. It is because the baccarat online strategy is simple, and the rules are straightforward. Moreover, with this our online baccarat guide, you should know how to back baccarat online.

How to play online baccarat for free?

The first step is to find the best online baccarat casino where to play free online baccarat games. Notably, some games can be tested in free mode. You may have to find the best free online baccarat game on casino websites that target beginners. Knowing the game through free versions means you also learn how to win online casino baccarat.

Can I earn real money playing online baccarat?

Yes, it is possible to earn real money playing online baccarat. So, provided you have learnt how to win in baccarat online, everything else becomes easy. Most importantly, place only a smaller percentage of your bankroll each time to avoid huge losses.

How to win online baccarat every time?

How to win baccarat online casino every time is all about sticking to the important rules, strategies and tips. Most importantly, avoid the side and tie bets to increase your chances of winning each time you place a bet.

Is it possible to beat the casino when playing baccarat?

With experience and a working strategy, any avid baccarat player can beat the casino. In this case, how to play online baccarat is only one step to getting the desired outcomes. Also, understand the payout and house percentages. With it also comes the question of is online baccarat rigged, and our answer is no!

Does card counting work with baccarat?

Unfortunately, card counting doesn’t go with baccarat gaming. In rare cases, you can count cards in baccarat and make small profits from it.

Is baccarat better than blackjack?

Baccarat is only better than blackjack because it is easier to play and learn. However, the fact that odds in baccarat are fixed and usually favour the casino house makes the game less popular than blackjack.
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